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The Kraken Play

Escape the kraken by moving round the board, be carefull, if he grabs you who knows where you will be spit out!

Kraken Cove Play

Just when you thought you had escaped the kraken... you are ambushed by baby krakens, you have found the krakens cove.

Which Way? Play

Follow the arrows around the board, trying to reach the finish, but which way is the right way.

eleleye is here, and we bring you games!

Bringing the old classics and new modern twists on old favorites, eleleye brings board games to the web in an interactive and exciting way

Working hard to expand our catalogue, we will be bringing you more and more as we manage to find fives minutes spare so pelase check back regularly

What we do

At present we are concentrating on fine tuning our board game framework to enable us to quickly bring new ideas to you as fast as possible, as well as keeping play fluid

As we tighten this framework, we will begin to branch out into other areas, bringing our style of play to people all over the net.

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